About John Hayson

Professionally, John Hayson, land and real estate developer, has executed a number of successful land development projects for residential and corporate use. Some of the widely popular housing projects and town planning projects handled by Mr. Hayson’s H Investments International Pty Limited include Northbridge Plaza Centre and Neeta City Shopping Centre.

H Investments International Pty Limited is a property investment company specializing in the development of new residential land estates and the construction of homes, villas and retail projects.

Before getting into the real estate business, Mr. Hayson, Director of H Investments International Pty Limited completed his Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Securities from the Securities Institute of Australia. He began his career in the early 1980s as an investment banker with the Bill Acceptance Corporation, Schroders Australia, and BT Australia. He then moved into the real estate industry in 1987, when he joined the family business.

Mr. Hayson has always been involved in community work, financially supporting a number of causes since the 1980s. He has been involved in providing necessary medical equipment to the Royal North Shore Hospital to improve the medical services in the area and has also supported a number of charitable organistaions such as the Northbridge and Crows Nest Rotary Clubs and the Humpty Dumpty Foundation among many other charities.

John understands shopping centres, town centre design and residential developments and he has consulted to institutions on shopping centres. Mr. Hayson has also advised local councils on the redesign of town centres. He has participated in a number of commercial real estate and land development industry conferences as a speaker.

Over the years, a number of successful residential and retail development projects were undertaken and completed. Some of these include a Woolworths free-standing supermarket in Scone NSW, Northbridge Plaza Shopping Centre, Neeta City Shopping Centre. John Hayson and his team are passionate about delivering quality developments with functional and contemporary designs.

Northbridge Plaza Shopping Centre in Sydney was a landmark project managed and redeveloped by H Investments International Pty Limited, under the supervision of Owner Director, John Hayson. Purchased in 1987, the centre had several structural and performance issues. John took over his family business of real estate development in 1988 and completely transformed the way this centre looked and operated.

When purchased, the centre had a Woolsworth Supermarket and 34 speciality shops. The first reconstruction of the Northbridge Plaza shopping centre was completed in 1989, by correcting design flaws, redesigning the entire plaza and adding a new tenancy mix, through intensive management by John Hayson. The major redesign work was done in the internal mall area and new quality retailers were brought in to meet customer needs. After 4 major renovations, 11 shop additions and tenancy mix upgrades, the shopping centre was sold in 2004. Moreover, additional land was purchased to extend Woolworth’s and create supermarket on the North Shore of Sydney. Since the redevelopment, the centre witnessed a significant improvement in sales and customer traffic.

Another underperforming shopping centre acquired by John Hayson was the Neeta City Shopping Centre in Fairfield, Sydney in 1994. The centre comprised of a Target Discount Department Store, Woolworths Supermarket, Bi Lo Supermarket and 67 speciality shops. Here too, the sales were depressed, customers were not coming in and retailers were moving out. The flawed customer traffic flow was caused because of too many entrances and poor anchoring of the centre, where one end of the centre was left almost vacant. During the redesign and redevelopment work, Woolworth’s was relocated to the underperforming end of the centre to give a good reason to customers to visit that end area of the centre. The old supermarket site was divided into smaller tenancies including Best and Less, Westpac, Retravision and many others. Since the redevelopment, new tenancies have been attracted, and the centre is trading well.

H Investments International Pty Limited also conducted redevelopment work for Woolworths supermarket in Scone NSW. The company owned and jointly constructed a new free-standing supermarket in the city, offering new shopping opportunities to the locals in Scone.

John Hayson, real estate and land developer in Australia changed the face of residential and commercial property development. Mr. Hayson’s H Investments International Pty Limited company has undertaken and successfully completed a number of projects that have greatly enhanced the living and working places.

Each project handled by John Hayson’s team is an epitome of high quality workmanship. The company has a track record of delivering hugely successful projects, offering affordable housing and retail opportunities in Australia. Projects completed successfully by H Investments International Pty Limited include Neeta City Shopping Centre, Northbridge Plaza Shopping Centre and Woolworths Schone projects in Australia.

Leading real estate development company, H Investments International Pty Limited has been developing several residential and commercial spaces in Australia over the last many years. Owned and headed by Director John Hayson, the company is committed to provide luxurious and affordable living and working spaces.

Meeting the company policies, all the developments are conducted in a consultative manner that leads to attractive and enduring developments. Some of the highly successful projects delivered by John Hayson include Woolworths Scone, Northbridge Plaza Centre, Neeta City Shopping Centre
. The company also completed its Park Terrace Apartments Project in Milton, Brisbane.

The Park Terrace Apartments site, in one of Brisbane’s café precincts, is located across the road from the railway station, 1.5 kilometres from the city centre and is just a few minutes away from the Suncorp Stadium. After a number of design changes, the project’s final design passed and it now comprises of 244 apartments and retail shops on ground level. The apartments were designed for the stylish buyers who prefer state-of-the-art living facilities. There are a plenty of transportation facilities near the site, making living for the apartment owners easy and comfortable. The location of the project offers a desirable combination of infrastructure, civic amenities, connectivity and entertainment. The project also has business opportunities for retailers, with a number of retail shops on the ground level.

Mr. Hayson’s success story spans across 24 years as his company continues to achieve higher targets relentlessly.

John Hayson, a real estate developer in Australia having built communities that bring people closer and offer them the convenience of living and working in modern buildings has planned, redeveloped and developed a residential estates and retail centres in Sydney and Brisbane.


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